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Maintaining your air conditioning (AC) system function is important for keeping your working and living space comfortable, and for minimizing the running cost of your system. While all buildings in the UAE are cooled by an AC system, not all AC units are the same or require the same level of attention and care. Unfortunately, the prevalent practice of bundling services such as AC servicing, duct, and coil cleaning, and unifying the service for all AC systems may be costing homeowners, tenants, and landlords unnecessary expenses.

What are AC ducts?

AC ducts are the passages that distribute cool air throughout your home. The ducts are typically made of metal or fiberglass, and can be either flexible or rigid.

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What is an AC coil?

An AC coil, also known as an evaporator coil, is the part of your AC system that cools air to the desired temperature by transferring heat from the refrigerant to the air.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to home AC maintenance

Each AC system has its unique service requirements based on factors like usage, age, and environmental conditions. Homes supplied by chilled water AC systems, found in the majority of apartments in Dubai, enjoy the advantage of being shielded from outdoor elements. In contrast, split AC maintenance is required more frequently as outdoor split AC units are exposed to the elements.

Many older properties in Dubai have suffered from inadequate maintenance, resulting in ducts or coils that remain uncleaned for an extended period. This neglect renders them less reliable, prone to dirt accumulation, and more power-hungry, leading to increased DEWA usage.

When searching for AC maintenance service in Dubai, you should be looking for a company that conducts the service of your AC units before recommending any additional services. This tailored approach ensures that your money is spent where it matters most, addressing specific issues rather than applying a blanket solution where you are paying for services you don’t necessarily need.

In navigating regular AC maintenance, it becomes crucial to recognize the diverse requirements of these systems and to adopt a more discerning approach that prioritizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Top 3 Reasons for using 800 Repair for all your AC repair, maintenance, and service requirements
We’re value-driven

At 800 Repair, we believe in providing value-driven services that prioritize the well-being of your AC system and your budget. By only recommending extra work if absolutely required after conducting a thorough 14-point check, we guarantee you are only paying for what your AC unit truly needs with your regular AC maintenance.

We offer complete transparency

We believe in open communication with our customers, ensuring they understand the reasoning behind each recommended service. This approach builds trust and empowers our customers to make informed decisions about their home AC maintenance, fostering customer satisfaction and echoed through our 4.7 Google rating.

We provide unrivaled expertise

Our expert teams are ready to offer guidance as you evaluate your choices whether you are looking for a one-off service or looking to benefit from the peace of mind offered with a 24/7 AC annual maintenance contract. With over 16 years of experience in repairing, maintaining and servicing AC units across Dubai, our unparalleled knowledge extends to both the longstanding and recently developed communities across the Emirate.

Contact us now to learn about our AC cleaning services and more!

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