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The sweltering heat makes AC service in Dubai a common demand throughout the year. However, a sudden malfunction in the air conditioning systems makes the process of quickly finding an ideal AC maintenance service in Dubai a real challenge. At 800 repair Technical Services, a leading AC maintenance company in Dubai, we offer a complete range of technical assistance to enable the proper functioning of your air conditioning units. Our AC services include – Right from new unit installation to all other services like AC cleaning, and long-term air conditioner maintenance. We cover complete AC servicing at highly competitive rates.

As air conditioning units need to function for longer hours, they strictly require frequent AC maintenance or servicing to avoid damage and breakdowns. Over the years, we have provided an efficient AC maintenance service in Dubai across various clients with our different energy-efficient solutions. Our certified expert professionals are highly trained to accurately diagnose the root cause of the AC maintenance issue to ensure the unit’s prolonged smooth functioning. As an expert provider of AC maintenance in Dubai, we can render an extensive range of AC servicing across residential, commercial, and industrial units.



If you notice warm air exiting through your AC vents even when the temperature is set at a low range, consider this a sign for AC servicing.


Wetness around the AC area or prevalent water leakage from it shows issues with its condensation system.


Frequent cycles are when the AC skips regular cooling cycles and exhibits irregular or constant on and off in the cooling pattern.


Lack of humidity control and higher moisture level in the room’s atmosphere indicates a need for AC servicing.


Inadequate flow of air may indicate issues such as blockage of the air conditioning unit duct or motor failure. This can be rectified with quick AC maintenance.


The unnatural smell while turning the air conditioning unit on may indicate serious ac maintenance problems that may even cause a short circuit if escalated.


Lack of air conditioning service may lead to unclean AC ducts that release contaminated air. Without proper AC service, this can cause various health issues.


AC Coil Cleaning

The air conditioner coil clogging with deposits of fine particles and debris may cause AC malfunction as well as lead to respiratory problems for the inhabitants. 800 repair Technical Services offers efficient AC services in Dubai with an expertized coil cleaning system for the air conditioning unit to deliver fresher and cooler air.

AC Duct Cleaning

As air conditioners process the air, it attracts atmospheric dust that forms a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens that eventually demand AC service. Our qualified technicians have immense experience and possess high-end tools to provide efficient air conditioner maintenance in Dubai, including deep cleaning of ducts, to ensure your safety and hygiene.

AC Repair

Air conditioner failure amidst the scorching heat is one of the worst nightmares any individual can face. We understand the exact source of the problems related to AC servicing, either due to the air valves, filters, ducts, or motors. We provide instant and affordable AC service in Dubai. Our proficient technicians dive into the root cause of the problem to eradicate it through our trusted air conditioning service in Dubai.

AC Sanitization

Amidst increasing air pollution due to dust and the dangerous pandemic virus, breathing safer air even in your indoor spaces has become difficult. Through our AC service, we offer uncompromised levels of air conditioner sanitization services using industry best hygienic products such as EnviroCon, Microban, and F.P. sanitizers.

Importance Of Regular AC Maintenance

Improved cooling

Proper and frequent ac maintenance in Dubai will ensure the efficient functioning of all the parts, improves the air quality, and provide constant cooling without any breakdowns.


Reduces Utility Bills

Clogged filters, condenser coils, and motor failure due to lack of AC servicing might force the unit to work extra, thereby attracting more power. This then leads to an increase in electricity bills.

Improves AC Lifespan

Like most machines, regular air conditioner maintenance can help retain the unit and ensures it lasts for a longer period.


Our well-qualified professionals identify and address the AC servicing issues through in-depth inspection of the following:

  • AC.
  • Duct(s) – If applicable.
  • Drain tray.
  • Drain lines.
  • Thermostats.
  • Refrigerant Gas.
  • Indoor fan motor.
  • Outdoor Chiller unit.


800 repair Technical Services provide deep cleaning and sanitization for hygienic air conditioner maintenance in Dubai, especially for the following parts:

  • Chillers.
  • Condensers.
  • Cooling coils.
  • Ducts (Cleaning & Sanitization).


We provide extensive Ac fixing and AC maintenance in Dubai to fix all the air conditioning unit malfunctions in any of the areas such as:

  • Actuator Motor.
  • Electrical panels.
  • Filters.
  • Motor control panel.
  • Pump panels.
  • Relay.
  • Winding of motors.

800 repair provides the best service for AC Service and AC Repair requirements in Dubai. Call 800 737247 for a free quote.


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