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AC duct cleaning isn’t something many people check or are aware of, even though it’s the most important part of the overall HVAC system. When the AC  ducts in your home or office are not properly maintained, contaminants can get into the air you breathe and that can have a lot of health effects. If you have children, an untended duct system can also be a fire hazard and a health risk. This is why it is so important to have regular inspections and cleanings performed on your air ducts, just as it is with your heating system.

Duct cleaning has become an essential service for households in Dubai as dust, dirt, and other dangerous pollutants collect inside the air conditioning unit. Prolonged use results in wear and tear as well as significant consequences. 800 Repair Technical Services provides premier AC Duct Cleaning service in Dubai, serving both residential and commercial customers. Through our highly qualified team, we give excellent AC cleaning solutions for all sorts of AC units, regardless of size. Our cleaning processes are frequently reviewed and upgraded to meet the highest requirements.

Dirty and moldy ducts can eventually lead to serious health problems. They are specifically a significant problem for people who suffer from various respiratory conditions, including asthma or other allergy issues. We keep the indoor air clean and healthy through professional AC cleaning in Dubai. Our expert technicians ensure all the work is carried out efficiently and as quietly as possible for minimum disruption to the inhabitants. Get in touch with us today to avail yourself of our proficient AC duct cleaning service.

we offer the following air conditioning repair service:

Regular duct cleaning and maintenance are essential for a healthier and cleaner indoor environment. A duct cleaning service will also minimize your chances of getting allergies and developing asthma. There are many contaminants that might cause the need for duct cleaning including pet hair & dander, dust mites, bacteria & viruses, carpet fibers, mold & mildew, and pet food & litter. Our expert duct cleaners use Rotobrush to simultaneously power-brush and vacuum your ducts. The Rotobrush knocks dust, dirt, and debris loose and removes all traces of harmful contaminants, leaving a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Signs Your Ducts Need Cleaning And Sanitization

Whether your AC is relatively new or old, it will exhibit alarming traits that indicate your duct needs cleaning and sanitization after a specific period. Here are some of the indicators you may want to watch out for:

Inadequate Airflow

An unclean ac duct may cause blockage and decrease the amount of cool airflow into the room.

Water Leaks

Signs of leakage on the walls or in the surrounding areas of the AC unit may indicate problems with the duct.

Insufficient Cooling

Duct blockage may be the reason why you receive warm air even after setting the AC temperature low.

High Humidity

As AC units also tend to act as a dehumidifier, AC malfunction may increase the atmospheric moisture level.

Improper Cooling Cycle

A frequent irregularity in the cooling pattern may indicate the need to call for duct cleaning.

Bad Odor

Only a professional cleaning company can rectify AC malfunctions that may lead to a foul smell or experience of breathing issues.

Benefits Of Routine AC Duct Cleaning and Sanitization
Improves Air Flow Efficiency

A clean AC coil helps eradicate the dirt and debris formed over time, which usually prevents the air conditioner from providing adequate cooling.

Reduces And Removes Allergens

A professional cleaning process includes a thorough cleaning of AC filters to instantly improve the air quality and reduce allergens formed in the air.

Removes Bad Odor

An unclean duct may release contaminated air indicated by foul smells and, in turn, cause various health issues. Comprehensive cleaning addresses this issue.

Cleaner Indoor Environment

Our professional service will ensure that your AC supplies pure and fresh cold air with low humidity and without any bad smells.

why choose our ac duct cleaning service?

We ensure complete client satisfaction through our cleaning service along with immense care for customer feedback. Our adept professionals use high-end technologies and safe methods to provide thorough duct cleaning. Using high-quality products, we ensure the complete safety of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the effectiveness of the AC duct cleaning services?

– You can check the duct with a flashlight or torch to check for any debris accumulation or mold formation inside the duct. Also, you can ask our technicians to show you before and after images of the duct.

Does duct cleaning help save on electricity bills?

– AC duct cleaning involves the complete removal of dust, debris, and other mold formation to ensure proper cooling by the AC units. Hence, this will reduce energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.

Will duct cleaning create a mess in my house?

– We use a professional cleaning method, including high-end vacuuming. This helps our customers to be ensured of a clean and hygienic room without any dust or debris on the floors after all our cleaning services.

How much time is needed for an AC duct cleaning session?

– The time required for the cleaning process highly depends on the area of the room, the number of technicians, and other factors. Based on our specific client requirements, we ensure quick and appropriate cleaning services.

How often should you clean your air conditioner ducts?

– The time required for the cleaning process highly depends on the area of the room, the number of technicians, and other factors. Based on our specific client requirements, we ensure quick and appropriate cleaning services.

What is the best way to clean air conditioning ducts?

-It’s always safe and better to opt for an experienced and professional company to get your AC Ducts Cleaned. Since it’s a job that requires much precision and technical expertise to put on, it is always better to choose a good AC Duct cleaning company.

How often should AC ducts be cleaned in Dubai?

-To keep your interior air quality safe, arrange a professional AC duct cleaning service once every 6 months. Clean AC ducts prevent indoor pollutants while increasing the AC cooling rate at home.

How do you tell if your ducts need cleaning?

-Here are some warning signs of a dirty and clogged AC Duct:

  • Dust and dirt on the vents and ducts.
  • Unpleasant odor coming from the ducts.
  • Mold and mildew found within or outside of your HVAC system.
  • Unstable or inadequate airflow in the home.

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