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800 Repair offers a comprehensive range of property and home maintenance services that save you time, stress, and money. We provide unlimited manpower hours related to Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services. We also provide 3 preventative services for AC, 2 for Electrical, and 2 for Plumbing. Our clients have unlimited emergency and non-emergency calls (with a response time of 60-90 minutes for urgent matters). Call us today to learn more about our BACSIC, STANDARD , and EXECUTIVE packages.

Benefits of an AMC

The biggest benefit of an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is that it helps identify potential problems early on, and prevents them from causing bigger inconveniences and repair expenses. 800 Repair has a team of service and maintenance professionals who will thoroughly examine your systems and accurately pinpoint the cause of problems to determine the best possible solutions. In order to prevent AC breakdowns, leaks, power outages, and other mishaps, we recommend you sign up for one of our annual maintenance packages. With the professional assistance of our staff, you can rest assured that your home and property are in reliable hands.

Reasons You Need An AMC
Annual Maintenance INCLUDES








Why choose us?

1. Online booking services: We believe in technology and information transfer through modern means. Our website is fully equipped with all the actions buttons, and you do not need to come down to the office for information and booking. Just give us a call.

2. Availability of modern equipment: The cleaning machinery and services have evolved, and we have a hold on all of them. With us, you will find the best and the latest cleaning and maintenance machinery to assist your needs.

3. Most reliant AMC contracts: Our Annual maintenance contract in Dubai is one of the best available options in the market, widely demanded by the population. With Edgedxb’s AMC, you would not have to worry about anything going wrong at any time.

4. Coverage of any entity: Our services are not only limited to small spaces; we welcome and offer more significant properties like villas and offices to avail of our services. Size is nothing but a chance to work more for us; our cleaners can undoubtedly take it.

5. Professional experts: Our team has experienced and skilled laborers with extensive knowledge of the industry and work, which results in high-quality outcomes. Professionals have an idea of all the machinery to make effective use of it. They have vast experience in the field, which makes choosing them our priority.

6. People’s choice: It has taken us a lot of effort to become the first choice of customers. High-quality results and ensured security is the reason people prefer us over others. Their support helped us to provide them with the best services and desired outcomes.

7. One of the top villa maintenance companies in Dubai: We have gained popularity among the elites to maintain their luxury villas. The reviews speak for it.

8. Reasonable Rates: We bring you the most flexible and affordable price set. We believe in offering the most services at the least price with high-quality results.

Our Annual home maintenance contract Dubai packages provide Preventive and planned maintenance that enables us to repair installations or devices before they fail, help improve their efficiency and extend their lives, assuring the durability and enhanced value of your property. This also saves you money on emergency breakdown services and repair charges.

Frequently Asked Questions - AMC Contract Packages
What is the Annual maintenance contract?

- The agreement between the maintenance service provider and client is the annual maintenance contract. For the whole year, The client's property is maintained and taken care of. The mentioned services in the agreement are provided to customers at their most effortless disposal. It is the best way to get support at affordable prices.

Is it worth getting your AMC contract?

- Yes! Because with our AMC, you get numerous services of your preferences within pocket-friendly prices. With our AMC, you need to stop stressing over everything because it will facilitate you for a year. It makes maintenance an easy job for you with high-quality results.

What services are offered in your AMC package?

- These Services are part of our AMC package: ● Cleaning of appliances ● AC maintenance services ● Maintenance of property ● Extra-low voltage services ● Commercial cleaning ● And much more

What makes you the best home maintenance company in Dubai?

- Here is the reason we are considered to be the best home maintenance company: 1. We offer various services to our customers. 2. We have all the modern machinery you need for maintenance. 3. Our staff is professional and highly reliable. 4. We charge what we work for. 5. We welcome entities of all sizes including villas.

Do your home maintenance services provide quality results?

- Definitely! Because we work with professionalism and have skilled laborers with modern machinery to provide you with the best services. Quality is ensured because our team works through with detailed planning. This is what makes us the best home maintenance services in Dubai.

Do you also offer Villa maintenance in your AMC?

- Yes! We are one of the best villa maintenance companies in Dubai. Our company offers Annual maintenance contracts to our customers who own villas to ensure the maintenance of such huge properties and satisfy them. A wide range of services is offered including cleaning, painting, water tank cleaning, and several others to make work a lot more accessible for you.

Stuart Laird-Smith
Stuart Laird-Smith
9 January 2024
Excellent work first time. For second job, not interested, unresponsive and vague.
Rizwan Noor
Rizwan Noor
15 June 2023
Ridiculous Company. Just pure waste of time. The team came took all the details and its been more than 3 days and still yet to send the quote. Even after following up with them everyday. Dont bother contacting this company.
Aref Haddad
Aref Haddad
24 May 2023
I used 800 repair for my ac unit servicing..i am really happy with the whole job, from the easy booking to coming on time with a full team and covering all the furniture, to doing a great job on the ac unit.. veryy happy with the price and overall service
Amer Bernieh
Amer Bernieh
22 May 2023
Very disappointed from this company. They promise to give you updates and they never come back. They embarrassed me with my tenant as he complained about them all the time. This is the last time I’m dealing with them.
Teodora Vrtic
Teodora Vrtic
11 May 2023
Very proffesional, efficient. Always on time and polite. They get the job done in a day. All recommendations!
Anil Baby
Anil Baby
28 January 2023
ww w
ww w
5 January 2023
The service was very thorough and professional; from inquiring online via Whatsapp through to the team leaving my apartment. I had multiple wall hangings, light replacements and installments done within 2 hours and the team communicated thoroughly and well, needless to say I am very pleased with the results and service. Highly recommend!
Aisha Rawert
Aisha Rawert
19 December 2022
Called 800 Repair for split AC repair and cleaning as well as duct cleaning. The guys did a fantastic job at fair price. 800 Repair will now be my go to place for all MEP services. Well done.
Rajesh Arab - Doodle Managing Director
Rajesh Arab - Doodle Managing Director
18 November 2022
Professional, courteous and fair pricing. Did a thorough job of the water tank cleaning, plumbing maintenance and tile fixing.
calynn smalberger
calynn smalberger
29 August 2022
The guys came and did a great job. They were fast and cleaned up afterwards. Couldn’t recommend them enough
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