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Are you planning to style up your home? Or maybe you are searching for some creative ideas to revamp your workspace? Let 800 Repairs provide you with the best Gypsum work in Dubai. With false ceilings being the trend these days, you would be looking for the most cost-effective option to transform your interiors. Even though there is a diverse range of materials to choose from, Gypsum would be the right choice due to its versatility and flexibility. 

800 Repairs is a team of the most experienced and skilled Gypsum work contractors that offers customized Gypsum boards, ceilings and partitions in appealing colors and patterns. With an extensive experience in the industry, we take pride in providing top-notch services to our residential and commercial customers across Dubai. As a reputed company, we ensure to follow the highest standards of workmanship throughout the project, from designing and fabricating to the installation of Gypsum work in Dubai. 

Why Choose Gypsum For Your False Ceilings And Partitions?

Gypsum boards, also known as plasterboards, are available in a range of thicknesses, which makes them easy to customize and install in residential and commercial spaces. So whether you are planning to install false ceilings or partition walls, Gypsum work would be the ideal choice.

Heat Resistance:

Did you know that Gypsum is a heat-resistant material? It has a noncombustible core that consists of chemically combined water. Using Gypsum boards for your interior decorations would protect your building elements from fire.

Thermal Insulation:

Gypsum has thermal insulation properties that protect your home or office space from dampness and create a comfortable atmosphere. If you are looking for a smart choice to save your heating and cooling costs, Gypsum false ceilings from 800 Repairs are your best pick.

Sound Proof:

Whether it is about designing your residential or commercial spaces, privacy is the key concern. With its sound insulation properties, Gypsum helps reduce ambient noises, thereby improving occupant comfort and concentration. 800 Repairs can help you install superior quality Gypsum work for your homes and offices, which can be effective sound dampeners and barriers against noise transmission.


Gypsum ceilings and partitions from 800 Repairs renders excellent dimensional stability and durability. Manufactured with precision in factories, light-weight Gypsum boards can be perfectly lined and leveled for a smooth finish.

Gypsum has gained immense popularity due to its aesthetic appeal and architectural attributes. Being one of the leading Gypsum work contractors in Dubai, we help you choose the right designs and solutions within your budget. 800 Repairs is backed by a group of professionals who are experts in different types of gypsum boards and applications.

Why Choose 800 Repairs For Your Gypsum Work in Dubai?

Gypsum, being a versatile material, can be used to create intricate customized designs. 800 Repairs has a team of experienced professionals who can work with Gypsum projects of different levels, from small homes to offices and large commercial spaces. 

We stand by our promise of quality and value for your money in every project we undertake. Offering you a complete range of gypsum works for residential and commercial rooms, 800 Repairs pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and creative solutions. At 800 Repairs, we source high-quality materials from the most reputed vendors as well as employ the latest techniques to ensure the quality, safety and durability of all our Gypsum projects.

Our team will thoroughly inspect your space and work with you to fully understand your needs and deliver a tailored solution. We make sure to design a functional and aesthetic Gypsum solution that complements your space dynamics and style preferences seamlessly. So, if you are looking for skilled and reliable Gypsum work contractors in Dubai, get in touch with 800 Repairs.


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