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Home Maintenace Trends 2024


800 Repair facilitate all types of home updates large and small, and after almost 16 years maintaining the stylish homes of Dubai, we consider ourselves to be somewhat in-the-know when it comes to mainstream design trends. So, as we welcome 2024 we are very happy to share our interpretation of some of the biggest up-and-coming home maintenance ‘hits’ as supported by insight forecasters and media outlets. 

Small updates offering big ROI

After a post-pandemic flourish, spending on home renovation is actually forecast to dip in 2024 as rising interest rates and decreasing house price appreciation and property sales inject an air of caution when it comes to spending. As many residents continue to buy, sell and upgrade their properties (especially in the UAE) the upshot is a focus on those impactful areas of the home that can be updated with the greatest cost-efficiency. Think wall paint refreshes, interior attention-grabbers like fixed mirrors and hardware, plus exterior ‘first impressions’ including patios, steps and that all-important front door.

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  As residents double-down on their home priorities, it seems getting the kitchen right still is non-negotiable. Today’s Homeowner recently reported that bathrooms and kitchens were the top 2 updates made in 2023 while HomeLight’s year-end report reveals that 67% of property agents bill kitchen upgrades to be the biggest selling point for buyers in 2024. Energy efficiency is a key consideration as homeowners opt for solutions that will reduce their electricity and water usage – with home appliance longevity being top of mind for shoppers this year (NKBA).  The Spruce observe a switch to induction cookers that offer a safer alternative to gas, while asserting somewhat controversially that the kitchen island has finally had its day. Instead, consumers are on the lookout for walk-in pantries and hidden appliances that make the very most of the available square meterage.

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In an era when the importance of health and me-time has been made tangible, the bathroom continues to evolve as an extension of our living spaces over and above pure function. Water pressure, lighting and ambience all matter greatly as we seek to elevate the cleansing experience to Five Star status. Meanwhile, as greater numbers of Baby Boomers come to require uncompromising amenities, Forbes hail accessibility and safety as a top factor for bathroom renovations, leading to a loss of old bathtubs in favour of space efficient single-level walk-in wet spaces that don’t cost the earth to install. 

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Making the most of existing space is a recurring theme for 2024 so it makes sense that garages, outhouses and even home balconies are being reimagined in terms of their usability and aesthetic appeal. Whether re-utilizing these areas for hobbies or storage, having the right fixtures installed correctly will free up precious usable room while lessening the load on higher traffic areas of the home. Bricks and mortar aside, 2024 will continue to see a resurgence of green spaces, that ‘boost a property’s value far beyond the economic cost of development’ (Construction Week). This international trend is particularly prevalent in urban cities like Dubai where lawns and greenery provide much needed respite from built-up areas. In style terms, Rizz say modular garden furniture that draws a crowd is in; while painted garden fences are out. We have to agree, we’ve observed a distinct move towards natural materials and tones that let the beauty of nature speak for itself.

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Whether you have a vision you need help bringing to life or you’d benefit from some professional advice on a particular area of your home, our team is available and happy to help, without expectation. We exert a strong focus on cost-efficiency and always strive to ensure you spend your money wisely when it comes to maintaining your home. Contact us for more information about the jobs we’ve carried out here or something that’s bespoke to your own requirements.