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How Duct Cleaning is Performed - Everything you need to know

How Duct Cleaning is Performed – Everything you need to know

Understanding the AC Duct Cleaning Process

The important parts such as AC coils and the internal ducts often see the accumulation of dirt and fine substances. These substances may include several things such as dust and fine pollens. Access accumulation of debris may form a mat-like surface within the AC duct allowing quick breeding of mold and allergens.

These invisible particles and bacteria can cause a number of health issues including asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems. Even a slight deterioration in the air quality can lead to an uncomfortable feeling and even make you ill. AC duct cleaning in Dubai is vital to prevent such health issues from occurring as it is the best possible solution.


Initially, AC duct sanitization was effectively performed using powerful industrial cleaners that sucks the dust using the suction pressure method. However, the drawback of this method is that they cost high and are less efficient as the dirt is not completely scrubbed out. This may also make the cleaning process time-consuming. A powerful vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filter can help you clear out dust and any other toxic allergens from the AC duct, which may cause various respiratory diseases.

Hiring a professional HVAC contractor is appropriate as they are highly reliable due to their practical knowledge and equipped with the latest useful tools. An expert AC duct cleaning company will also help you save some money as they offer quick and on-point service and avoid extra unwanted expenses. So before contracting an AC duct cleaning service provider, ensure that they have sufficient past experience performing the same activity. These professionals offer complete cleansing of the dirt, debris and allergens accumulated inside the HVAC systems. Every professional HVAC company must be equipped with special tools and effective cleaners to eliminate contaminants and cause no damage to the unit. One of the effective AC duct cleaning solutions is RotoBrush machine.

Various companies in the UAE offer good commercial air duct cleaning services. However, these can be expensive, so it’s best to compare prices before hiring one.

You should properly check their years of business in the industry along with their credentials, as the company services may vary such as domestic and commercial duct cleaning. You must run a deep research to know their history and to determine the quality of products that they use in the process. Professional air cleaners also undergo proper training to execute the process with immense care. Vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters are commonly used equipment to eliminate dirt and bacteria from the AC duct.

Remember to secure all the furniture in the area to avoid any additional price to clear the dust that accumulates on surfaces like carpet or sofa.



A deep examination of the duct area can be instrumental due to two reasons. First, pre-checking can help to evaluate the situation and determine how much cleaning is needed in order to compare the before and after scenario. Professional AC duct cleaning service providers possess special cameras that would go deep inside and show you the actual internal view before cleaning. Secondly, pre-examination will also help determine the time required for the work and help determine the type of cleaning required.


Usually, duct cleaning companies prefer RotoBrush machine as they are high performing in terms of dirt and debris removal by rigorous scrubbing and complete vacuuming of the area. However, before turning on the machine and AC duct cleaning, there are few steps to be followed.

First of all, an appropriate opening of the AC duct is found, and the hose is prepared. The technician identifies the brush size and type based on the duct’s nature, size, and shape. Soft brushes are used for all types of ductwork including flex duct board and sheet metal ducts.

The stiff bristle brushes are only to be used on sheet metal ductwork because they are too aggressive for flex duct or fiberboard ducts. Majority of the expert technicians will use the 8-inch brush to clean the majority of smaller supply air ducts; whereas for larger ductwork they use a brush 2 to 4 inches larger than the height of the duct.

When cleaning rectangular ducts, they will use a brush 4 inches larger than the height of the duct for example in a 10-inch high rectangular duct they will use a 14-inch brush. For more info, you can always ask for the manual which provides additional tips on brush sizes and cleaning techniques.

Lastly, in the preparation process, the surfaces in the proximity of the cleaning are covered with plastic especially the furniture.


Now the hose is inserted inside the duct while simultaneously turning on the rotation and vacuum. This cleaning is performed for almost 30 to 45 min for a single unit.


Now the EnviroCon sanitization liquid is loaded up into the foger via lubricant gasket. Then the ducts are sanitized by spraying the mist of sanitizer into the ducts to prevent the growth of bacteria and make the air a lot cleaner.


Now everything is put back together as it was previously, as well as, everything is cleaned and left a lot cleaner than before.


AC duct cleaning is very important part of the whole HVAC maintenance not only due the performance and/or energy consumption factor but also in terms of quality air. That is why knowing the whole process better equips you against any fraudulent service provider while also ensure healthy environment and better performance of the HVAC.

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